12 Step Guide

The purpose of this web site is to guide those who wish through the 12 steps, and to explain the principles of the 12 steps in just 4 meetings.

We will be using the AA Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous), for the most part. This is the book that originally introduced the steps.

This 12 step guide is set up and formatted to bring you through the twelve step process in four meetings. Each meeting requires reading. The guide is designed for two readers; the first reads the format, and the second reads all the Big Book quotes.

The Big Book readings will begin and end with quote symbols (“). Having a separate reader for all the quoted sections, will clearly define and separate opinions from the text of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Page numbers are provided for all quoted passages,(pages are referenced from the 4th edition) so you can follow along in your own Book if you so desire.

The 12 steps have been adopted to suit multiple self help modalities and this process should work equally as well by substituting the word alcohol for: Food, Drugs, Gambling, Sex, Shopping, you name it.

While the 12 steps work equally well for all addictions, attendance at appropriate substance related meetings are essential for necessary identification!

I do not speak
for AA, nor Is Alcoholics Anonymous affiliated in any way with this site!

I found this process some 8 years ago on-line(in 2000), and thankfully made copies and worked it with other friends in the program. We brought newcomers through this process. Then started bringing it to sober houses’ and programs who were willing to go through this process too.
At some point it was no longer available online. I felt compelled to share it with others, so I edited it and have retyped it, and here it is.

The original format made the suggestion to check out the Wally P. book “Back to Basics The Alcoholics Anonymous Beginners’ Meetings “Here are the steps we took…” in Four One-Hour Sessions.”

One other suggestion: Get a sponsor, spiritual adviser, or good friend to do this vital spiritual work. Don’t go it alone! “Easy does it – But do it

2 Responses to 12 Step Guide

  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for posting this site, it is a great help when working with others.

  2. Kristie says:

    Thank you so much for this powerful tool. I have been using it to help me on my personal journey, but it is wonderful for the group process as well.

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