Alcoholic Hepatitis – AKA Inflamed Swollen Liver

Originally Posted on February 16, 2010 by anonymous

I just read an article from the Mayo Clinic, written by their staff that said “The exact reason alcoholic hepatitis develops isn’t known” (They have rewritten the article since I published this article). But, are you frigan kidding me? I am going out on a limb here to say I have figured it out. The liver was not designed to pass alcohol through it, simple (my first language is sarcasm).

When people need to quit drinking where do they go? A detox, but why? To remove the toxins from their body. To remove the poison. Hello, Alcoholic hepatitis is not a mystery. It is amazing that the liver can process alcohol at all.

I wonder if the people at the Mayo clinic ever put alcohol on a cut? OUCH! Never mind on the intricate artery’s and soft tissue of the body.

I have heard so many alcoholics tell stories of impending death. They were told by their doctors they were doomed. I knew one guy who’s wife was told “if you ever want to see him again, come now, because he will not last the night”. All these guy did recover, mentally and physically, my friend liver was so swollen, he looked pregnant.

Like the Mayo Clinic states, Alcoholic Hepatitis will often reverse it self, because the liver is only inflamed Swollen by irritants). Once inflamed a little, adding anymore irritant is not only foolish, but can be deadly. But swelling usually goes down if more alcohol is avoided, nine times out of ten.

Cirrhosis is different, Cirrhosis is scaring of the liver, and is never reversible, but if the cause of the damage is halted, the sufferer could still  live a full life, with few or even no concerns. it depends on the extent of the damage.

Make no mistake though, repeated poising of the liver with alcohol is dangerous business, and can lead to a long list of health concerns, like Cancer.

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