How to Work the AA 4th Step of Alcoholics Anonymous

4th Step Advice

“You can not solve a problem on the same level of mind that created it” -Albert Einstein

It is highly suggested to have a sponsor before working the 4th step. Its tough to fix something with a broken tool.

4th Step Review:

A. Complete steps: 1, 2 and 3 before looking at or proceeding with step 4. (Keep it in the day/step)

B.  Please read from the bottom of page 63 through page 65 in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous before beginning.

Step 4 Instructions:

In order to do a thorough house cleaning you are going to take three inventories as outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. The first Inventory is of your past and present resentments, called your resentment inventory.

The next inventory will be about fears, and all things that make you nervous, anxious or afraid.

The last inventory is of your sex conduct.

Begin by praying for willingness and an open-mind, also pray for all persons concerned with your writing. (ya, all of them!)

First list all your resentments in column 1 of the resentment worksheet. We complete column 1 first. All inventory worksheets are worked from top to bottom, and not from left to right. We do not move onto column 2 until column one is completed filled out.
Big book reading of the 4th step instructions.

Resentment Inventory Instructions:

Column 1:

List all people, places, things, institutions, ideas or principles with which you are angry with, resentful of, feel hurt or threatened by. What are some situations that upset you? Definition of resentment

Column 2:

Write in column 2 the reason for your resentment: why are/were you resentful, “burned up” or sore at __________? What about them, they, or it make you angry? List all the reasons you have for each name in column 1. You could have more than one resentment toward each person, place or thing. What happened? Be specific, why were you angry, hurt, or threatened.

Column 3:

In column 3 we check off which part of self was affected. Remember, our self-esteem is how we view ourselves. Pride is how we think others view us.

Column 4:

Here we list our part in the resentment, we list where we were at fault (big book instructions for column 4)

What’s the truth here? Where was my responsibility in this resentment, what part do I own? What might I have done differently?

Resentment Work Sheet

AA 4th step resentment inventory prompt sheet

The Seven Parts of Self Defined:

  • Self Esteem – How I Think of Myself
  • Pride – How I Think Others View Me
  • Pocketbook – Basic Desire for Money,Property, Possessions, Financial Security
  • Emotional Security – General Sense of Personal Well Being
  • Ambitions – Our Plans – Our Wants – Our Desires
  • Personal Relations – Our Relationships With Other People
  • Sex Relations – Basic Drive For Sexual Intimacy

Fear Inventory  Instructions

aa 4th step fear worksheet - prompt sheet

Sex Worksheet Example Sex Inventory Instructions

AA forth step sex prompt sheet - worksheet

List all names, Harm Done, Where were we at fault?
Whom did we hurt? What should we have done instead?